Hamsters are basically omnivores; and like all other creatures to maintain a health life they need notorious and balanced diet. Below is the list of certain items that Hamster is likely to enjoy the most.

Vegetables and Fruit seeds are what they benefit from the most, especially sunflower seeds and peanut seeds. But the ratio of their intake of food needs to be regulated, as these items specially sunflower seeds carries a lot of fat and too much consummation can cause obesity, specially in dwarf hamsters; therefore 3-5 pieces a day is enough.

Since Dwarf Hamsters commonly know as “Russian Hamster” they are mostly kept as pet, it is important to mention that they are prone to diabetes, so avoid giving vegetables and fruits with high level of glucose; such as banana, mangos and carrots etc.

Vegetables are also a favorite of hamster and they love Broccoli; lettuce is what they also like and carrot is what that gives them something to chew at; therefore they are fond of this as well but always wash it before serving it to your hamster.food

Some of the common vegetables you should be giving to your hamster are


Don’t freak out if you see hamster eating their own feces; hamsters are hindgut fermenters just like horses, koalas, possums, wombats and pigs. They uses microbes that are washed out because they cannot be digested and therefore high-quality protein is lost therefore they must eat their own feces in this way they are able to extract the necessary nutrition from its food this process is called coprophagy.

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