Here is a list of routine thing that we should know followed by some really awesome facts about Hamsters.

Scientific name Mesocricetus auratus
Potential life span 2-3 years
Adult body weight 100-150 grams (Adult females are slightly larger than adult males)hamster09
Desirable environmental
Temperature range 65-75 F
Desirable relative
Humidity range 30-70%
Recommended age
at 1st breeding male: 10-14 weeks; female: 6-10 weeks
Length of estrous (heat) cycle 94 hours
Gestation (pregnancy) 15 1/2-16 days
Average litter size 5-10 young
Age at weaning 3 weeks

Now the real deal
Hamsters can store food into their cheeks up to 20 % of their body weight.
Hamsters can run at 2-3 mph for long distances and 5-7 mph for short distances.

Hamsters can travel about 8 Miles in search of food.

Hamsters react to their names.

Hamsters are color blind.

Hamsters can hear sound in Ultrasonic range.

Hamsters can dig up to 3 Meters in the wild.

Hamsters can only see up to 6 Inches in front of them.

Hamsters can store as much as 38 pounds of grain in a single burrow.

Hamsters follow path by trails of smell they leave by rubbing their body with things along the path.

Hamster’s heart beat falls from 400-4 beats per minuet during hibernation state.

Hamster remembers their relatives.

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