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Hamsters are very flexible and their bones are very fragile, they can sustain injuries very easily. It takes very little force for hamster’s tooth-pick sized bones to break. Accidental falls and drops most of the time can cause severe injuries and often lead to death.Hamster

Following are signs of serious injury

Raspy Breathing




Aggression when handle

Curing the injury depends on the nature of injury to determine whether it’s curable or not; if not then it would be more humane to euthanize the injured Hamster. A fall of a Hamster ball from the stair or the Hamster wheel catching the feet of Hamster or accidental drop from few feet can cause sprain, bruise, broken leg and rib fracture.

If injuries are not that severe then they can be treated with supportive care like hand feeding, medication and ice compression.

In pain Hamsters eat and drink but less than usual; in such cases hand feeding and internal fluid injection are necessary to sustain injuries.

A Hamster with minor rib fracture can survive with help of supportive care and medication. Also during injuries handling hamster should be avoided as it helps to reduce stress and discomfort and the cage should be kept clean; at a warm, peaceful and quite location for environment conducive for rest and recovery. Applying ice compressor and reduce pain to injured area but the rest of Hamster’s body should be kept warm even after applying the ice compressor to prevent Hypothermia.

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